Your Snowman Adventure Awaits! (+ coupon)

A little over a year ago, I designed a Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure Pattern. It’s a crochet pattern that allowed you to choose the features you liked most! People loved it!

Dragon crochet Adventure

So, folks have been asking me, ‘when are you going to do one of those fun Choose Your Own Adventure’ patterns again?

The answer is… right now!

Snowman adventure pattern by FreshStitches

Meet your Snowman Adventure

What features does your favorite snowman have? Stick arms or snowball arms? A scarf or a cowl? Top hat or beanie?

I couldn’t decide! So I designed a pattern with all of the choices!

Choose Your Own Adventure crochet snowman

Look at all those options!

Grab your pattern, now… with a coupon!

Use the coupon code FROSTY to get $1 off the Snowman Adventure Pattern! The coupon is valid until the end of day, Thursday.

Small snowman crochet Freshstitches

We’ll be starting a snowman-crochet-a-long on Thursday, so you’ll definitely want to join in on this fun!

What are you waiting for?

Come on… look at that cutie! Don’t you have to crochet him for your winter celebrations?

I can’t wait to see the combo that you choose! Happy winter!

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Comments (One Response)

  1. Joan says:

    I love this snowman pattern and choose your own adventure is the best. And how wonderful a snowman-crochet-a-long, I’m lovin this kind of funtimes. Thank you Stacey.

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