Weaving in ends in crochet

The end of a pattern always tells you to ‘weave in ends’… but what’s the best way to do that? In this post, we’ll show how to weave in the ends on a project that has a lot of ends to weave in: FreshStitches’s owl hat.

First thing’s first: when do you need to weave in ends? You’ll need to weave in ends anytime you can see the wrong side of the work. This is the case in the owl hat, because you’ll see the inside of the hat whenever you take it off your head. However, weaving in ends isn’t usually necessary when making amigurumi, because the inside is stuffed, and you won’t see the tails.

The owl hat has a large number of color changes, and because the color changes are spaced so far apart, we decided to cut the yarn at each change. (Stranding yarn is easy to do in crochet, but only works well when you’re stranding over a couple of stitches: not 20). So, each color change has a brown tail and a white tail. To start, we threaded each brown end through a tapestry needle, and ran the tapestry needle through about 5 or 6 stitches in the same row, as shown below. It’s important to run the ends through more than just a couple of stitches, so that the ends remain in place even once the hat is stretched and used.

Next, we trimmed the ends of the tails that we wove in, so that they look nice and neat.

To finish, repeat for the white tails, and you’re done! It’s important to weave the dark tails into the dark stitches, and the light tails through the light stitches, otherwise, the tails may show through your finished product.

And there you are! Sometimes a little tedious, but results in a lovely-looking finished product!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    That looks so neat!

    I absolutely hate weaving in ends, I know I should do it but it’s so tedious.

    Love the hat too, so cute!

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