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About Stacey

Hi! I’m Stacey and I live my fantasy life designing cute & cuddly amigurumi (aka crochet stuffed animals)! My goal is to spread the love of crochet and cuddly animals throughout the world… so I’m here to help you with all of your crochet needs!

I’m so glad you’re here! You see… I love blogging, so if you love reading, we’re the perfect match!

I’m a designer!

I’m the designer for FreshStitches Amigurumi, and I can’t say enough how much I love my job!

I’m passionate about helping everyone out there have that priceless, oh-so-yummy satisfaction that only comes with making something yourself… so I’m dedicated to writing patterns and providing tutorials that help you (yes, you the crafter!) crochet your own adorable creations!

Each pattern I write is chock-full of information so that you don’t ever feel lost. Each pattern contains step-by-step progress photos and the information you’ll need to succeed in your project. And, if you run into trouble, feel free to contact me! I’m here to help you make the cutie of your dreams!

I’m an author!

In addition to designing for FreshStitches, I’ve written three crochet books: Modern Baby Crochet, Crocheted Softies and Cuddly Crochet.

In each of my books, I’m fanatical about including a detailed introduction section so that you can have all of the crochet information that you need on hand while you’re working on your project. It’s also important to me that you feel comfortable making yarn substitutions and working with the supplies you may have on hand- so I’ve included information about that, too!

I’m a teacher!

I’m an instructor for Craftsy. I’m in love with the Craftsy online teaching platform… it allows students to sign up for a class (that never expires), watch the class at their own pace and ask me any questions they have! If you’re looking to expand your crochet skills, come ‘meet me’ online at Craftsy!

I’ve taught two online crochet video courses Amigurumi Woodland Animals and Amigurumi Design Your Own Monster.

I’ve also taught two workshops: Amigurumi Nelson the Owl and Amigurumi Roosevelt the Monster. A workshop is a super-detailed pattern that contains hundreds of photos- so you’ll catch every step of the crocheting process. Just like a video class, I get to interact with my students online using a great question-and-answer discussion forum.

I’m a crocheter!

Well, duh… you knew that already!

I meant that I also am a crocheter for those who can’t crochet themselves! I know that not everyone can crochet or has the time to. So what’s someone who wants an adorable stuffed animal for their little one to do? You call on me!

I offer a limited number of custom crocheted stuffed animals in my Etsy shop. Crocheting the animals is time-consuming, so I only take on a couple of custom orders per week. If you have a baby shower or birthday coming up, be sure to book in your crochet order with me so that you can have a handmade lovie in time!

I’m a blogger!

In this blog, I chat about designing (knit & crochet), the travels of my amigurumi, book and materials reviews, and helpful tips & techniques. I always have some sort of fiber-related-project in my hands (yes, in addition to crocheting and knitting, I spin, too!), so there’s always something to update you about! I hope you enjoy!

Of course, you can contact me!

A little more personal…

Me? You want to hear about little ol’ me? Okie dokie!

I’m a total homebody. I work at home, in my pyjamas. I go to bed by 10pm.

I leave my house mostly to travel or eat something exciting. I travel a lot.

I sometimes bring a stuffed animal with me for a photo…

…but I always bring my knitting!

I love to eat crazy food. Bone marrow. Chicken livers. Crocodile. You name it, I want to eat it.

The rest of the time, I’m at home. Crocheting. Knitting. Making tofu and pickles. Canning. You know, normal stuff.

My friends say I’m weird. Or unique. Depending on how politically correct they feel like being that day.