Small Balls: little bits of yarn


Okay, we’ve all had this thought: I want to make (fill in the blank), which uses about 20 yards of (fill in the color)… do I seriously have to buy a whole skein of yarn? Not anymore! I’ve stumbled across ‘small balls’ made by Pick Up Sticks. Small Balls are 65 yards of 100% wool worsted weight yarn, perfect for when you just need a little bit!

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that you want to make Amigurumi Jeffrey the Dog (at left). You need to buy light brown: that’s a big color. But white and dark brown? There’s only a tiny bit of those… that’s where small balls come to the rescue. ‘Cream’ and ‘Nutmeg’ are just the two colors that fit the bill: and you aren’t left with 200 extra yards.


I use 100% wool in all my FreshStitches patterns, which is usually sold in skeins of 220 yards. If you use acrylic yarn, small balls may not be the right choice for you- because you may not want to mix & match materials. But, if you’re looking for 100% wool in a range of colors in tiny sizes… check them out! They are sold in LYSs and on the Pick Up Sticks website.

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