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I’ve been appearing on podcast and posting video episodes, so I thought it’d be nice to have them all in one place, right?

I’ve been a guest multiple times on Abby Glassenberg’s While She Naps Podcast, and it’s amazing… you should listen, even if I’m not a guest! I’ve also been filming new Coffee With Stacey episodes!

Come listen!

Coffee with Stacey 12: Bead Spinner Review

Coffee with Stacey 11: Baby and a Dyeing Project

Coffee with Stacey 10: Crafting for Baby

With Mel: Beautiful People, interview with Stacey Trock

Coffee with Stacey 9:Hand Knitted Socks

Coffee with Stacey 8: Behind the Scenes of the Kit Club

Coffee with Chelle: Amigurumi Designer Stacey Trock

Fiber Hooligan: guest Stacey Trock

Coffee with Stacey 7: Online Safety

Coffee with Stacey 6: How to Select the Camera that’s Right for You

Coffee With Stacey 5: Happy Memorial Day!

Coffee With Stacey 4: How to be Successful

Coffee with Stacey 3: Conferences and Business Cards

Coffee with Stacey 2: TNNA & Social Media with Stefanie from Stitchcraft Marketing

Coffee with Stacey 1: Want to have a Coffee with Me?

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird: Crochet Expert Stacey Trock!

While She Naps Episode 17: Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter of Stitchcraft Marketing and Stacey Trock

While She Naps Episode 14: Marketing Your Creative Business

While She Naps Episode 13: Patterns and Paint

While She Naps Episode 12: Clicks, Calories and Caves

While She Naps Episode 10: Magic Wunder

While She Naps Podcast Episode 9: Graphic Design Tips and Tricks with Stacey Trock and Mollie Johanson

Craftypod: Making a Sustainable Living as a Pattern Designer, with Stacey Trock

Getting Loopy: FreshStitches on Getting Loopy

Pre-Coffee With Stacey: Come have a peek in my winter-wear closet!

Crochet Chat Podcast

I’m currently re-releasing episodes of my Crochet Chat Podcast!


Here’s a listing of the episodes currently available!

Episode 9: Interview with the Sexy Knitter

Episode 8: Hairpin Lace

Episode 7: Local Yarns and Interview with Tanis Gray

Episode 6: Indie Yarn Dyer- Space Cadet Creations

Episode 5: Caring for Heirloom Items

Episode 4: Kool-Aid Dyeing fun!

Episode 3: California Adventures and the Crocodile Stitch

Episode 2: Pricing and Selling your Crocheted Items

Episode 1: Online Resources for Crocheters

Deep in the archives…

These are unavailable at the moment, but will be released, soon! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (check the sidebar!) to be the first to get the re-released episodes!

Episode 20: Final podcast episode

Episode 19: Interview with Lion Brand Yarn

Episode 18: Selecting the right yarn for your project

Episode 17: Finding and Shopping at LYSs

Episode 16: Vanessa uses crochet to kick cancer’s butt!

Episode 15: Mary Beth Temple on Designing

Episode 14: Stacey on Getting Started as a Designer

Episode 13:Rohn Strong on designing for men and in the South!

Episode 12:Chatting with Sister Diane: crocheting without a pattern and with unusual materials

Episode 11: Interview with Laurie Wheeler of the Crochet Liberation Front

Episode 10: Bead Crochet

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