Stacey Trock is a crochet and knit designer, author and teacher. So, there’s lots of patterns to browse!

Amigurumi Patterns

Stacey is the designer for FreshStitches Amigurumi, a design company she founded in 2008. Click on the banner below to see all of her irresistible critters!

Need more than a pattern?

Pattern-reading doesn’t come naturally to everyone… that’s why Stacey is delighted to offer two online video courses and two workshops on Craftsy!


Think of a workshop as a super-duper helpful pattern. Instead of just written instructions, you’ll get step-by-step photos, along with conversational tips and techniques to talk you through every step of the process. Workshops are interactive, so you can ask a question at any time… and Stacey will answer within the day!

There are currently two workshops available:

Online Courses

Sometimes you just need to be shown how to do the crochet stitches! In Craftsy’s video courses, you’ll get hours of video instruction (paired with written patterns) that’ll take you through making adorable animals step-by-step. You can pause, take notes and rewind the videos totally at your leisure, and they never expire. And, the courses are interactive, so you can leave Stacey a note or ask a question at any time!

There are currently two online courses available:

Stacey’s Books

Stacey is the author of two crochet books, Crocheted Softies and Cuddly Crochet:

Comments (3 Responses)

  1. […] the same pattern more than once – but these are slugs #3 & #4. I really am a big fan of Stacey / FreshStitches designs! I am working on a set of owls by request of another friend, and again I am using […]

  2. Help!

    I have gotten my crochet hooks and some yarn. I don’t think it will work – It’s blanket yarn. Now, down to the bottom-line. I have always wanted to crochet. I have started LITERALLY 1000’s of projects in both crochet and knitting, but have finished only 2 items in my life. I want to learn how to make these little critters, dolls, and food and I want to do it WELL. I cannot explain why I haven’t started yet. I wonder if you or someone from your site could do me the greatest favor? I tend to take on BIG projects and then NEVER finish. I cannot count the number of skeins of yarn that I have gotten.

    I would like to obtain a “mentor” who would be with me (online) and suggest a list of characters arranged in the order in which they should be done. I also would like references for kits that are available, especially when I can order the exact same color and type from the same manufacturer. I am in college, which “ain’t bad” for a 66-year-old in a wheelchair. Oh, heck. I feel like I’m talking in circles, which I probably am. I am not sure who to start with and in what order. To make a long story short, I am AFRAID to start. I am afraid I will take on too big of a project and will, as usual, not finish. Could you, please, help me? I need some already educated student. I really feel that if I don’t have a mentor, I will not finish and probably will not even start.

    • Stacey says:

      Hi Mary! I’d recommend taking my Craftsy class, Amigurumi Woodland Animals! It’ll step you through the patterns online and you’ll finish feeling confident! All of the patterns on my site are marked with difficulty levels (for when you’re ready to move on) and I always mention the exact yarn and color I used so you can purchase it!

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