On the proper eating of Vegemite…

After a long trip, I’ve safely arrived in Sydney, Australia!

I’ll admit it: I’ve gotten about 4 hours of patchy sleep in the last 48 hours, so I don’t have a clever or detailed crochet-related blog post for you. But, I can give you a little advice on eating Vegemite. (Can we all pretend that’s incredibly useful?)

Vegemite on toast in Australia

We landed at 6am Australia-time, so we arrived in time to have a lovely Australian breakfast. For me, it was Vegemite on toast with a Cappuccino.

Vegemite gets a bad name. It’s a condiment made of yeast-extract (a by-product of beer-brewing) that most Americans think tastes awful. True, it’s not a taste for everyone. If you’re going to stand a chance at liking it, you’ve got to eat Vegemite the proper way.

Vegemite is best in small doses. My preferred method is to take a piece of toast, and spread it with a layer of butter. Then, spread a thin layer of Vegemite on the buttered toast. The Vegemite will be slightly transparent looking.

I can’t promise you’ll like it… but you stand a much better chance than if you bite down on a giant glob of the stuff!

birthday party hat
Did you know that my birthday is December 31st? I’ll be turning 30!

I’m going to celebrate by having a jumbo sale! So, you’ll want to make sure to check back on the 31st to see what’s in store!

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Comments (12 Responses)

  1. Liz says:

    I remember eating Vegemite when I went to Sydney. I must be one of the people that just can’t take it. I remarked to my DH that you should have arrived this morning so you’ve been on my mind.

  2. Penny says:

    My birthay is also Dec.31,but I have alot more years then you.
    Happy Birthday


  3. Vegemite is just not as nice as Marmite. Sorry, someone had to say it.

  4. Pauline says:

    Hi Stacy glad you arrived Ok YES Vegemite is king, Vegemite with cheese on bread, cracker with cheese and or cucumber or tomatoes, great on a salad roll with all of the above. You can put some a soup to add a bit of flavor. Hope you have a great trip
    {{{{{BIGHUG}}}}}}} from us over here in KIWI land :O)

  5. Joyce Fisher says:

    Welcome to Australia Stacey and Tim. I have been thinking about you on your long trip down under and imagine you will be getting many hours of deserved sleep in the next couple of days.

    Hope you have a very merry Christmas, and thanks for sticking up for Vegemite.


  6. Emily says:

    I’m an Aussie, and I like Vegemite, but I prefer Promite! And your right, don’t glob on Vegemite. It needs to be a nice, thin layer, with melted butter. Yum.

  7. melliechicken says:

    Yay for vegemite toast, one of my favs too. I love it on sourdough or soy and linseed bread.

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