November Wrap-up!

What a fabulous November this has been! There’s been so much going on with FreshStitches this month, I hardly know where to start with the wrap-up.

How about we kick this thing off by having a peek at November’s Monthly Photo Contest winners, shall we?

A big congrats to showandtellmeg and vickycdotme (those are Ravelry names, in case you’re wondering…)! Meg crocheted the adorable alpaca (from Crocheted Softies) and Vicky crocheted an adorable trio of tiny ducks. Adorable!

There’s a photo contest every month, and I can’t wait to see the December entries! Click here for details on how to enter.

Exciting Happenings

Is it just me, or is November always a busy month? There’s Thanksgiving (for us Americans), getting ready for the holidays and just a general ‘buzz’ in the air. November was also home to 2 very exciting events!

Archer Mystery CAL

The Archer Mystery crochet-a-long began November 15th, and we’re currently on Clue 3. Chatter in the Ravelry group has revealed 2 things:

  1. Folks love a good mystery
  2. Archer has most people feeling pretty stumped!

Squee! That means my mission is accomplished!

Curious what folks have been guessing? I compiled a wordle of guesses so far:

Exciting, huh? All will be revealed with the final clue, which will be released this Thursday.

If you didn’t join in on the fun this time, no worries! You can still grab the Archer pattern, and download the clues as you come to them… it’s a mystery on your own terms!

FreshStitches Kit Club

Yesterday, subscriptions closed for the first FreshStitches Kit Club. Over 100 people signed up! Holy mackerel!

A careful analysis reveals that 100+ boxes may not fit into my car at one time… so I think I’ll be making a couple of trips to the post office. Giggle.

I’m so excited about the club, and I’m bursting with awesome ideas! If you missed it this time, don’t fret! A new subscription period will open up 6 months from now!

The Best of FreshStitches

As usual, I’ve been blogging like a girl possessed… but maybe you haven’t had time to read all the post. So, let me do a bit of sifting for you and pick out the best of the best.

Crochet Tutorials

Other Fun Tutorials

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