New February Patterns!

Yay! It’s February! February is a pretty awesome month… the holiday rush is over, so you have time to work on some projects for yourself!

We’ve released two new patterns today, and we have some exciting featured patterns for this month, too!

Ordinarily, house flies are annoying little critters… but not now! Our first new pattern for this month is Shaun the Fly.

He’s cute, and promises not to eat any of your food! Shaun is 5″ long and 3″ tall when completed, and he’s an easy-level pattern.

You may remember Shaun in the above photo… but we promise, it was just a staged photo shoot. He wasn’t really eating any of the pizza- he’s actually no trouble to have around the house at all!

Our second new pattern is Sandford the Giant Squid.

Sandford is 22″ long when completed! And best of all, he uses only one skein (220 yards) of the main color of yarn! What a great project!

How big is this squid? Below is a picture of Sandford with a human companion…

Let us tell you… he’s a great cuddler!

As always, you can snag these two new patterns for the introductory price of $2.00 until February 8th

We also have a couple of featured patterns (since Valentine’s Day is coming up!). Last month, we released our free hearts pattern, and it’s been a popular download! They’re quick to make, so there’s still time!

Jeff the Valentine Dog also makes a great Valentine’s Day present. He’s cute, cuddly and 7.5″ tall!

No matter which animals are your favorite, we hope you have a great February!

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