Meet the cutest leprechaun in town!

Well… at least I think he is!

He’s Mike the Leprechaun!

cute crochet leprechaun pattern

This cutie pattern has just been released today! Just in time for you to crochet him for St. Patrick’s Day!

A peek into the process

In 2008, I published a leprechaun pattern that used loop stitch to get the fabulous big beard that a leprechaun needs. But, using loop stitch to form a beard shape required complicated color changes… and it put the pattern out of reach of the advanced beginner.

So, the little guy needed a redesign.

The biggest question was: what type of hat should the new design have? In my leprechaun research, there are two common kinds of headwear. To settle the issue, I turned to my Ravelry Group for the vote:

leprechaun hat choices

(turns out… the one on the right isn’t a ‘cloche’, it’s a ‘bowler’! Sorry about that!)

The top hat won by a landslide! And a top hat needs a buckle, right?

The hat + a super-easy (single crochet only) beard design makes this guy a winner!

me and leprechaun

New features

This leprechaun sports two new features for my designs: one structural and one in pattern-style.

To achieve the ‘flatness’ at the top of the top hat, I’ve included instructions for attaching a small piece of cardboard inside the hat. I don’t typically use extras like cardboard (since they don’t fare well for for baby toys!), but I made an exception this time. I included detailed photos of the process in the pattern, and I think the result is worth it!


On the pattern-writing front, I’ve integrated a suggestion from Joyce, a lovely customer. She suggested that for instructions like this:

Rounds 12-15: Sc in each st. (24)

That I include the total number of rounds crocheted. This will save some folks some counting! So, the new instruction looks like this:

Rounds 12-15: Sc in each st. (24, 4 rounds)

I hope some of you find that update useful!

Get started on your leprechaun, today!

Ready to crochet your own Mike?

Visit his pattern page for materials details and to purchase your copy! (delivered instantly via the fancy Ravelry cart… as always!

If you’re undecided, you can always hop over to Ravelry and ‘fave’ him, so you’ll remember to come back to him!

Happy Crocheting!

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Feb 28, 2013 | Posted by in Blog, FreshStitches News | 7 comments

Comments (7 Responses)

  1. Gnome is is beautiful !
    Wonderful and very cute.
    I like toys crochet ))))
    Hat and cardboard great idea!

  2. Joan says:

    Yep Mike the Leprechaun is the cutest in town. It’s gonna be a very wonderful Saint Patrick’s day, your leprechaun will bring lots of luck, happiness and fun.

  3. Caroline says:

    Oh I do like him Stacey! Especially his ginger beard! :)

  4. J. McGraw says:

    pattern instructions, please, for bunny eggs and chicks.

  5. Jenn D says:

    LOVED making him with your easy to follow steps and the new row count on the side was much loved! Thanks again for this pattern, I finished him last night and he’s a wonderful addition to my st patty’s day decorations!!

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