Making tiny animals: crocheting with thread

I love designing full-sized stuffed animals: I think that they’re cute and practical (I mean, they are the perfect size for snuggling!). Therefore, most FreshStitches patterns make animals that are about 8 inches tall, using a worsted weight yarn. However, sometimes you want a tiny animal. Good news- you don’t need to get a different pattern! In this post, we’re going to explain how you can use any FreshStitches pattern to make a tiny little animal.

In a previous post, we discussed how to substitute yarn in patterns. That post was written with my visit to Australia in mind, where what we (Americans) call worsted weight yarn isn’t readily available. You can also substitute yarn to make a tiny animal! If you want to make a thread animal, select a ‘sock-weight’ or ‘fingering’ yarn, or crochet thread. Check the label to see what size hook the yarn recommends that you use, and then start crocheting!

Here, I crocheted a tiny little Basil the Cat using Berroco’s Comfort Sock, and a size C hook. The only other modification that I made was to use 9mm animal eyes, instead of the 12mm eyes called for in the pattern. Little Basil is about 4″ tall, 4 inches shorter than his worsted-weight counterpart.

smallcat2And here is Little Basil next to his full-sized friend, Jeffrey the Dog, hanging out in the yard. Jeffrey is slightly startled at his friend’s tiny stature, but they get along well, nonetheless!

So, with a tiny yarn and hook, you can turn any one of your favorite FreshStitches patterns into a little miniature!

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