Design Week, day 1: sketches

Welcome to Knit and Crochet Design Week!

If you haven’t read the details of knit and design week, read this post to get caught up to speed. Basically, we’re dedicating a little time each day this week to design and sharing our progress.

There are no requirements: I just want to encourage you to have fun and be creative! And, if you’ve written a blog post about your progress, please post the link in the comments section below… so we can all have a look!

My Sketch

Okay, now onto my designing! (yes… I’m designing along with you!)

I’ve had a platypus on my ‘ideas of animals to design’ list for a while now… and this seems like the week to do it!

The first thing I do when I’m designing an animal is to do a bit of research about what the animal looks like. This usually includes looking around on Pinterest, clip art files and a Google Image search:

After I’ve had a look around, I do a sketch, including all of the features that are ‘must haves’. For the platypus, that means a brown body, a tail, a beak and webbed feet.

For the platypus, I’m feeling torn. Should he be a big oval-ball shape? Here’s my ‘oval sketch’:

Or should he have a more separate head? Here’s the ‘with a head’ sketch:

What do you think? I’m leaning towards the platypus with the distinct head shape… Also, in real-life, a platypus has a black beak and feet, but I’m wondering if the tan won’t look better in yarn.

Opinions welcome!

What are you designing?

I’m excited to see what you’re up to! Leave a link to your design week post in the comment section below! (Mr. Linky isn’t working out too well… but I think the comment section will work just as well).

Tomorrow’s theme is ‘techniques’: chatting about the techniques that will be helpful when designing and making your creation. You don’t have to stick with the theme, but it’s there to help if you’re drawing a blank.

See you again, tomorrow!

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Mar 11, 2012 | Posted by in Fresh from Stacey | 23 comments

Comments (23 Responses)

  1. Erin says:

    I agree with the distinct head shape – was just more appealing to me :)

    look forward to seeing him in crochet!!!

  2. Mammayir says:

    Here is my Design week day 1 post: . I’m looking forward to the rest of the week! ^_^

  3. What cute platypus! I like the 2nd sketch with the more distinct head. I’m designing a wrap. You can find my sketches at:

  4. Fatima Rosales Naya says:

    I think you should use any colours you feel would look nice. I like bright colours and I’d go for orange or yellow feet and beak. Let me know what you decide.

  5. I’m working for a shawl that I’m hoping will get published soon. *grins* It’s taking longer than I was hoping, mostly because I’ve had to move in the last few weeks.

  6. I love platypus(es) (I’m not sure what the plural is!). Very cute. I like them both but without the separate head shape, the nose seems much bigger on the first one :).

    Here’s my link for today:

  7. Renee says:

    Ooh, very nice! I think the distinct head shape is much nicer, but as for the colours, I’m not sure.

    Here is my post for day one:

  8. I’m so psyched about this series! I agree about the black- it is hard to see details and tends to disappear on-screen. I actually like the design with no distinct head.

    I’m working on a felted baby slipper, here’s my first post-

  9. Amy says:

    My husband would love this. He’s totally obsessed with platypuses. I like the one with the distinct head shape more. I also agree that tan or orange feet would probably work better in a plushie. Here is my post for day one:

  10. Katriina says:

    I agree with the others and prefer the second sketch. I don’t know about the colours, though… But I think you’re right, the black might be a bit too dark for the feet and the beak.

    I’m a bit late but here’s a link to my first day post in English. I’m going to make amigurumi bunnies for the Easter. :)

  11. […] To read other Day 1 posts from Knit and Crochet Design Week, visit FreshStitches. […]

  12. Definitely the 2nd sketch. On colors, I always go for the “abstract jungle” look and go wild.
    Here is the sketch for day 1 on Fiona the Flamingo.

  13. ditto to the separate head. you could always do a lighter body and then a shade of darker tan for the rest that isn’t quite black. OR like variations of army green which wouldn’t read as black but still would be darker.

    i’m working on a puffy fish and a few other projects this week… here is my sketch post:

    i’m looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!

  14. Tami says:

    I instantly thought of Perry the platypus….from one of my kids favorite cartoons…Phineas and Ferb! in this case the one without the distinct head would fit best but of course you would have to change his body to a dark teal and his beak and feet to yellow!

  15. Mamayir says:

    I don’t know why my url didn’t post. It’s . I hope it works this time. ^_^

  16. Mamayir says:

    Is it working and i just can’t see it? If not, then you can view the post by checking out blog on blogger.

  17. Mamayir says:

    I totally thought Phineas and Ferb too! except Perry’s feet are teal like his body and his beak and tail are orange. ^_^

  18. Beth says:

    I can’t help but think purple when I think of a platypus–I’m not sure why. I like the distinct head shape and maybe a darker shade of the body color for the beak and feet.

    I’m attempting a “meadow” for design week–intro post at

  19. A little late, but here are my “sketches”….. can’t wait to see more from everyone else! Thanks again for hosting, Stacey!

  20. Vicky says:

    Hi again!
    I think the platypus with the “separate” head looks better. Both look pretty cool though :)
    Here’s my first post of design week:
    Happy designing everyone!

  21. Luna says:

    Whew, talk about last minute but here’s my first post:

  22. Victoria says:

    I like the separate head picture too. But the oval platypus looks more cuddly :)