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Are you tired of buying an entire skein of yellow yarn… just because you need 5 yards to crochet a beak? No more!

Each kit contains all of the yarn that you need (plus a smidge extra, just to be on the safe side) in one bundle!

No need to worry about finding the right sized safety-eyes or notions… they’re included!

Pick the kit that’s right for you!

Crocheters have different needs, so we offer three types of kits… meaning that you can buy exactly what you need!

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Scroll down (below the kit listings) for more details on the items included in each type of kit!

All animal kits are available in the Basic, Starter or Deluxe options. Feel free to email Stacey if you need help deciding which is right for you! The exact color of the notions may vary.

Grab your favorite, today!

Click on the pattern’s name to view full details about finished size and difficulty level. Colors may vary slightly based on yarn availability.

The Kit shop is closed while I am on Maternity leave! I will be opening the shop for occasional sales in late summer 2015. Subscribe to blog updates (in the right sidebar, scroll down a little bit) to receive email updates about the shop! Please do not attempt to make a purchase while the shop is closed! The buttons will appear as I work on preparing the shop for the new launch!

Nelson the Owl (brown)
Owen the Monkey
Mal the Tiny Duck
Alastair the Caterpillar

Select kit type:

Select kit type:

Select kit type:

Select kit type:

Looking for Eyes?

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Of course, all of the kits come with the eyes that you need… but if you’d like to purchase more, then check out the FreshStitches Eyes Shop!

Details on Kit Varieties

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The Basic Kit is designed for those who already own a hook + notions, and just want the supplies to crochet an adorable animal! It contains:

  • sufficient yarn to crochet your amigurumi
  • a pair of 12mm black plastic safety eyes
  • an adorable FreshStitches pattern!

The Starter Kit is designed for those who want to crochet an animal and want to have the right tools to get started. We’ve put all the tools you’ll need in one place, at one affordable price! It contains everything that’s in a Basic Kit, PLUS:

  • a size H (5.0mm) crochet hook
  • a bent-tip tapestry needle
  • two locking stitch markers (with helpful tips!)
  • an irresistible Nelson the owl button!

The Deluxe Kit is designed for those who want a kit with a few special items! (hint: this package makes a great gift!) It contains everything that’s in a Basic Kit, PLUS:

  • A FreshStitches project bag (measuring 8″ x 6″)
  • a snail tape measure (with both inch and centimeter markings)

Shipping Information

Your kit will be shipped within 2 business days of payment (excluding American holidays), via USPS mail (first class, Priority mail for packages over 13 ounces). The shopping cart is automatically configured to give you the actual price for combined shipments.

When your package is shipped, you will be sent a tracking number via email. Please retain this information for your records.

Note that I am required by law to list the contents and actual value for international shipments. Please take into account your country’s customs fees, as I cannot alter this information.

All payments are securely handled via PayPal.

About the Shopping Cart

The shopping cart for this page is a super-duper fancy one that combines shipping for multiple orders. If you’ve added patterns elsewhere on the site, they’ll be in the also-awesome cart that automatically ships your patterns. Fear not… they’re all still there… you just need to check out twice.

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