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FreshStitches Kit Club

It’s the super-awesome kit club!

Do you hear the trumpets sounding?

That’s because the FreshStitches Kit Club is here! I know FreshStitches fans have been waiting a while for this… but I’ve been waiting to put this club together until I had a plan that would guaranteed knock your socks off!

And, as of August 2013, the club is pay-by-the-month, so there’s no big payment or obligation to sign up for multiple months! Hooray!

Get ready for the next level

I’ve chatted before about how my goal in designing patterns is that they’re accessible to everyone. I use mostly single crochet stitches that are accessible to beginners, a medium weight yarn to avoid hand-cramps and spend oodles of time taking progress photos to stuff in the pattern. This is because I think everyone deserves the chance to make super-adorable stuffed animals!

beaded crab kit

Here’s a peek at a previous Kit Club shipment… a beaded crab!

My commitment to easy-to-understand-and-execute patterns will never change.

However… I’ve had my ear to the ground, and I’ve heard murmurs. Many of you are ready for the next level. You’re craving a new technique you’ve never tried before. You’re willing to put a little more time into making your amigurumi work of art. You’re asking for a surprise.

I’ve heard you. Here’s the club for you!

What is the Kit Club?

When you sign up for the FreshStitches kit club, you’ll receive an exciting, exclusive kit every other month for as long as you’re enrolled.

Each kit will include:

  • A FreshStitches pattern for an adorable animal
  • Yarn and eyes necessary to complete the project
  • A special something (keep reading!)
  • A note from Stacey about the inspiration & specialties for the month’s kit

Are you excited yet? Curious about that special something?

The special something could be anything! It could be a little treat to make your crocheting more enjoyable. Or, it could be a crucial component of the new technique you’ll be learning (such as a supply or tool). Or, it might just be fun! All I can tell you for sure is that you’re going to love it!

Your club package will ship out on the 20th of alternating months.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Just click the PayPal subscription button (below) during an enrollment period, and you’re in! Here’s the schedule!

FreshStitches kit club sign up dates

Each super-fabulous kit is $16 (no more than a standard kit!), plus shipping. Here are the total package prices prices for the US/Canada/World:

Kit club prices

Your kit package will include an exclusive webpage and password… only available to those in the club! When your package arrives, go check out the webpage!

Sign up now!

Ready to sign up? Here’s the handy PayPal button!

Just select your location (US/Canada/World) and subscribe!

It’s not sign up time right now! Check the above schedule and be sure to come back during the sign-up window! Enter your email address in the sidebar (scroll up a little and it’s on the right!) to be sure to stay on top of things!

Be sure to include your shipping address at checkout!


I still consider myself a ‘beginner’… will these kits be too hard? No way! If you’ve crocheted one or two amigurumi before, then you have all of the skills you need for the Kit Club. The tutorials/new techniques will not assume any advanced knowledge. However, you should be prepared for learning something new!

I already own a lot of your patterns… will I get duplicates? The patterns in the Kit Club will be existing FreshStitches patterns, so if you’re a hard-core fan, there’s a possibility that you may already own the pattern. However, the modifications/adjustments that you will receive to the pattern are exclusive to the club for the 6-month time period, and I don’t think anyone will feel like they ‘just got an old pattern’. The patterns in the club are not limited to patterns currently available as kits.

How does the automatic billing work? When you sign up, PayPal will automatically charge you every 2 months, on the anniversary of the date you signed up. So, if you enrolled on August 15th, you will next be charged on October 15th.

I signed up on September 21st. When will I get my first kit? Please check the schedule above! In this case, signing up on September 21st means that you’ll get your shipment by November 21st!

How do I stop my club membership? I’m sure you’ll love the club, but if you want to stop at any time, you can! Just login to PayPal and discontinue your membership in the ‘my preapproved payments’ section.

Come join in!

I am so excited about this club, and I’ve been lovingly crafting kit ideas that will knock your socks off!

What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Shepherd's Wool crazy skein

For even more Kit Club fun, you’ll want to pop on over to the FreshStitches Ravelry group to join in on the chatter! We’ll be having a special thread so you can ooh and aah over the goodies and show off your Kit Club crochet progress!