How to turn your amigurumi into a chia pet!

avatar Today’s post is a guest post written by Ang in Australia. She’s a super-clever girl, and I think you’re going to love what she’s sharing with us today!

She’s going to tell us how to turn a regular crocheted amigurumi into a Chia Pet! Crazy, huh?!?

You can find her on Ravelry as Anglovesgnomes and on twitter as Anglovesgnomes, too!

Make your own chia pet slug

An idea was born…

It all began when I was looking at the Slug-a-long thread on Ravelry. I saw superkrab’s amazing ice crystal slug: I thought she had literally dunked her slug in water and left him out overnight to grow ice crystals. This blew my mind and I thought it was the most amazing slug ever.

I later learnt that she had some special wool to crochet the ice slug, but it got me thinking – ‘what can I grow on my slug?’ Thus the chia pet slug idea was born! (if you haven’t seen a Chia Pet before, now’s the time to have a look!)

How to crochet a Chia Pet

I crocheted my slug, Byron, using 100% wool. I stuffed him with cotton balls (instead of Polyfil) so that they would absorb water. I bought a pack of 250 Cress seeds to use (although any kind of small sprout would probably work, as well).

seeds on Slug Chia Pet

After I’d finished crocheting, I put Byron in a bowl of water, sprayed the top of him with water so the seeds would stick, and shook seeds onto his back. I’m not sure how many stuck on, but I I kept sprinkling them on until no more could fit, and the excess seeds just fell down the sides of him and into the water.

Make your own chia pet

I left him in a dark cupboard for the first 2 days (like the packet of seeds said) until he sprouted. Then I’ve just left him in my laundry out of direct sunlight and the seeds grew rapidly from there on! He’s had about 5 days of cress growth.

Make your own chia pet

I keep topping up his bowl with water each day and keep the top of him moist with a spray bottle daily as well.

How does Byron feel about this?

Byron has always wanted to donate his body to science, so after he has grown his cress Mohawk, Byron will be given a fond farewell since I don’t think his waterlogged body will be salvageable.

Growing a chia pet

Byron and I have had a great time during this experiment. It’s been fun to see how much growth Byron has had each day, even though my housemate has given me a few weird looks!

Winner of the Knit Notes Giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Knit Notes giveaway… we had 167 entries! Whoo hoo!

The random number generator picked #86… who’s lucky Deenna! Congrats!

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Comments (12 Responses)

  1. That is so cool! And since it’s made from wool and cotton you could take the plastic eyes off and put it into the compost bin :)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Ha, crazy! I never thought about doing that. Though it is sad to see that his body won’t be salvageable.

  3. Teresa says:

    Don’t get rid of Byron. Just loosen some stitches. Remove the cotton balls. Give him a nice bath. Let him dry.( after all the chia seeds are removed ) and restuff with polyfil.

  4. melliechicken says:

    Awesome, congrats Ang on a great idea. Congrats Satcey on the decision to include guest bloggers!

  5. Lucia says:

    EEEE don’t throw him out =D You can get Spanish moss and it will grow to the shape of his body as he continues to have his fibers decompose to the water, And with each day, Moss will overtake the yarn ratio. and with pruning you can have a spitting image of him in moss! I did this will pom poms growing up, now I have a bunch of green balls that you can hang anywhere and spray every other day with water to keep green =D

  6. Ang says:

    Great idea Teresa! I’d love to try and save Byron so I’ll do as you’ve suggested and see how he turns out :) His cress is still growing though and he looks a lot wilder now!

  7. Debbie says:

    Can you do this with cat grass and then it can be a cat toy as well

  8. Max Superkrab says:

    Ang you are brilliant!!!
    Loved this post! ♥
    I’m just imagining a whole row of slugs in the kitchen, all with a different herb.. xD Time to cook!

  9. Marie Lofton says:

    oh my god!!!! what a hoot!!

  10. Lucia says:

    now after looking at the book crochet softies.. I wanna make Alpacas like this with mint 8D

  11. Marny CA says:


    Careful about possible copyright infringement.

  12. Ang says:

    Thanks everyone! Plus thanks to you Max, for your brilliant Snø Slug! A slug herb garden sounds pretty awesome. And I’d love to see your mint alpaca Lucia!

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