How to cut shapes from felt, the easy way!

Remember when I was hanging out with Abby Glassenberg? Well, I learned something genius that she said I could share with you!

Abby taught me how to cut out felt pieces using a paper punch!

And now I’ll show you!

Abby has a collection of Sizzix paper punches. (They’re now discontinued, but can be purchased from destashbelles.)

sizzix paper punch tools

Look at all the shapes they come in!

Sizzix tool

They’re intended for paper, but also work with a single layer of felt. The tool comes with a ‘sharp’ side and a dull side, and to use, place the sharp side down on the felt and hit the dull side with a hammer.

Then, your shape is cut!

Cutting felt with a paper punch
felt flower

Isn’t it to pretty? And way cleaner than you could cut by hand?

It’s just the right decoration for a stuffed animal!

stuffed animal koala pattern

(This cutie is Abby’s koala… but couldn’t you picture the flower on anything?!?!)

Hmm… I wonder what other paper tools we could use for felt…

Have you heard about Etsy’s Craft Parties? Basically, lots of folks are meeting up all over the world to craft together!

Etsy craft party

Except no one fun lives in my neighborhood. No worries! We’re having a virtual Craft Party! Head on over to the FreshStitches Ravelry Group at 6pm EST and chat with us in the chat room! It’s going to be so much fun!

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  1. Bethany says:

    This is genius!!! That’s my least favorite part of working with felt, even though I love the finished look. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

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