Goals for 2013

2012 was a fabulous year! I launched kits and project bags, vended in my first show, re-designed the FreshStitches website and started a Ravelry group! What a year!

2013 goals

2013 is going to be just as big! Tim and I will be moving to Minneapolis and FreshStitches is constantly growing! So, what are my goals for 2013? Let me tell you…

Business Goals

In 2013, I hope to…

  • Continue to provide great content on the blog. My plans include increasing the proportion of posts dedicated to crochet tutorials and help for those beginning crochet businesses.
  • Make Crochet-a-longs a year-long occurrence. I began bi-monthly CALs in mid-2012, and I hope to make 2013 the first year where CALs happen all year-long!
  • Decrease the amount of freelance design I do, and instead dedicate the time to creating more FreshStitches designs.
  • Refresh some older FreshStitches patterns. My more recent patterns have oodles of step-by-step photos and links to helpful posts. I’ll be refreshing some oldies to make them just as awesome as the new ones!
  • Increase the number of samples I crochet for each pattern: showing even more color and size variations.
  • Continue to enhance my graphic design skills, incorporating my artwork into more merchandise, blog posts and freebies (think printable tags!) on the blog.
  • Continue to leave work at 6pm daily, and end work by 2pm every other Friday. Downtime is a good thing.
  • Take a 2-week vacation. A real one, where I put up an auto-reply on my email.
  • Think about adding gift certificate functionality to the website.

Personal Goals

Making things is a passion of mine (obviously, I suppose)… so this year, I want to continue learning about new things to make! I hope to…

  • Expand my repertoire of food-making, particularly cheeses and smoked meats.
  • Sew more of my own clothing. Notice how I’m taking a half-day every other Friday? That’s my sewing-time!
  • Add variation to my fitness routine. I currently run most days of the week, but I’d like to add strength-training, as well.
  • Build a consistent meditation routine. Maybe 20 minutes, 3 times a week?
  • Make Christmas decorations for my home. I love making decorations, but I usually get too caught up in making presents to make my own decorations. I’ll make a concerted effort, this year.

I’m not that into setting goals like, “make xx amount of money” or “lose xx pounds”. I prefer to think of my goals in terms of concrete aspects that I can implement, such as adding variety to my workouts or increasing the number of video blog posts I do.

And to be honest… I have a hard time thinking more than 6 months ahead! Except for the bit about making Christmas decorations, these are goals that I plan to tackle before summer. So… maybe we’ll need to have an updated chat about my goals in 6 months?

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Comments (8 Responses)

  1. I have to say I’m impressed, in awe, and a tad jealous in all you accomplished in 2012! Meeting you at the PGH Knit & Crochet festival was amazing- your patterns fueled a fire I didn’t even know was in me. You took my few suggestions and ran with them becoming this blogging force that just blows the crocheted sock right off of me. I really look forward to your new projects, the next kit club round, your new book and learning how to better feature my love for crafting on my own site. I am a mixed bag of 2013 goals but do share in a better balance of work, family, fitness and me time.

  2. Jenn McClure says:

    Hiya Stacey, :)

    Sounds like you have some pretty set goals. I usually have trouble always following through with some of them. Your business goals sound intriguing and I can’t wait to see how they all work out for you. I do love your patterns.

    Have a good one!

    <3 Jenn

  3. Janet Luttrell says:

    Plan on taking the class amigurumi that I purchased last year from you. I have several books on crocheting amigurumi but have not taken the time to use them.
    Hope to this year, alway enjoy hearing from you, what you are doing and have instore for us.
    Thanks for all the good patterns and etc.
    Happy New Year,

  4. Justine says:

    For the samples, why don’t you request a couple of skilled crocheters in your group to test your patterns with size and color to be agreed on between the two of you. They could send them to you for photos if you wish. For the cost of the pattern you could save yourself a lot of time and materials and build goodwill. My knit projects have been featured on two pattern pages and I feel great about that, and I like seeing designers showcase the work of others along with their own.

    • Stacey says:

      That’s a great idea, Justine! I do currently use testers, and use their photos. But, there’s also something to be said for photographing a group of items together (which is difficult with testers, without shipping), so I’m planning on stepping up a few more of my samples for photography.

  5. Usha says:

    Wow!!!You have put in lots of thought before setting out your goals for 2013. All the very best in achieving them…

  6. Rae Haller says:

    Great plans for 2013. Depending on how man Christmas decorations ou planned make, I thought maybe making one a month or every other month, would not take the valuable holiday time away from making gifts. Just a thought to consider for your planning.

  7. Michelle says:

    You amaze me as well. I learn so much from your blog and it always encourages me to think how I can utilize those ideas. I really like the one about making Christmas decorations!!! Might have to borrow that one to add to my goals for 2013.

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