Gathering supplies for my holiday crafting: Cyber Monday!

Yesterday, I told you about my holiday crafting plans… guess I need to get the supplies before I can get started, huh?

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, and it’s a great time to go shopping for crafting supplies because many of your favorite online shops are offering special deals! Consumer is offering 30% off your entire purchase, plus free shipping this Monday! Score!

So, let’s plan my shopping list, shall we?

Felt Christmas Ornaments

I’m planning on making a set of felt Christmas ornaments using this tutorial from Bugs and Fishes:

Aren’t they lovely?

I’ve never really worked with felt in a serious way before… so I don’t have a felt stash! (*gasp*)

But, I’ll need lots of different colors for this project, so I’m happy that I discovered the felt scrap pack:

This way, I’ll get lots of felt colors in one pack!

I’ll also need a skinny grograin ribbon and embroidery thread.

Rose Hair Barrettes

I’m making a set of rose hair barrettes using this tutorial from Purl Bee.

The barrettes use snap on hair clips as their base:

The clips are then are covered with a felt cover and rose. I’m glad I found a source for the hair clips… my local craft stores don’t carry them!

Wrapping Paper

I don’t know about you… but I don’t like buying wrapping paper. A lot of the paper in the stores looks sorta… well, cheap.

Fortunately, making your own wrapping paper is easy! Just take some brown paper (I have a roll of kraft paper, but you can use brown paper bags) and stamp holiday designs on it! A nice Christmas-y color of ink will ensure it looks fabulous!

I haven’t picked my design yet, but I’m checking out this pinterest board for inspiration… so many great ideas!

Are you ready to start crafting?

Are you going to take advantage of a Cyber Monday sale to get your holiday crafting started? Tell me about your crafty plans!

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Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I wait till after Christmas and buy wraping paper on clearance. I go out of my way to find ones that are not holiday spacific. Shiny red, metalic, stipes or plaid. Then I can use it all year (except at baby showers lol) I have thought about just using white and cool bows

The shop is on vacation for the summer! Come back in September for a full restock!