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Design Philosophy

Animals at FreshStitches are created according to some simple principles of stuffed animal philosophy:

  • Adorableness should be accessible to beginning crocheters.
  • Crocheting shouldn’t hurt your hands.
  • Fancy embellishments (and sewing skills) need not apply.

In keeping with this philosophy, you’ll find that all FreshStitches animals are:

  • Crocheted using the back loop only. This method allows the crocheter to use a comfortable size hook, while still keeping the stuffing from showing through the stitches.
  • Mostly single crochet. You might see some other stitches appear, but these can easily be learned using our helpful crochet videos.
  • Crocheted in continuous spirals Chaining a stitch and slip stitching at the end of a round can be confusing and makes stitches hard to count. So why do it? We don’t!
  • Adorable without sparkles glued to the top of their head. Not everyone lives near a store with an assortment of beads, eyelash yarn and fancy embellishments. All you need to make these cuties is yarn, stuffing and 12mm plastic eyes that can be ordered online.

So… there! No matter what your excuse used to be, now you know that you can crochet an adorable stuffed animal! So get started!