Custom Orders

I know that not everyone can crochet… but what if you’re just dying to have an adorable FreshStitches design? Place a custom order!

What’s available?

Any animal that is available as a FreshStitches pattern is available to be purchased as a completed stuffed animal. For custom orders, you get to select the colors used (subject to yarn availability).

How does it work?

For custom owls (the most popular!), you can go ahead and order directly from FreshStitches’s Etsy shop (purchase the ‘Custom Crochet Owl‘). Include your color preferences in the ‘Notes to Seller’ section at checkout.

For other animals, please send me an email (stacey (att) for a quote.

Custom animals take approximately 2-3 weeks (depending on the time of year, sometimes faster). Please email if you are in a time crunch!


Ooodles of people are enjoying FreshStitches animals… here’s a selection:

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  1. Ava says:

    I have an crocheted narwhal that my dog chewed the eyes off of. I have no idea how my dog got a hold of my crocheted narwhal, it was on my dresser, at a safe distance from my dog. I was wondering if I could commission you to make a new one, or a new set of eyes. It’s become my school’s mascot, there’s even a facebook page for him.

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