Crochet Chat Podcast: Local Yarns and Interview with Tanis Gray

Thank you so much for stopping by! This podcast episode was originally published June 20, 2012 and I have since stopped producing new episodes of the Crochet Chat Podcast. However, these episodes have fabulous content, so I’m gradually re-releasing them so that we can keep enjoying them!

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The Episode

Hooray! Another crochet chat!

This week is another fabulous week for the podcast! You know that I’m passionate about where our yarn comes from. I love learning about the breeds of sheep, knowing how the wool is processed into yarn and I’m tickled pink when the processing is done in a sustainable way.

I was absolutely delighted to Tanis Gray’s book, Knit Local, was published (November, 2011). It’s an amazing piece featuring American yarn companies that source their wool and processing locally. And don’t worry… despite the title, it’s not just for knitters!

I’m super-excited to have gotten the chance to talk to Tanis about her passion for local yarns and the research that went into this book. I’ll also be chatting about my preparations for moving (to NY!) and TNNA (a huge yarn conference that’s this weekend) and my current project: boot liners crocheted with Buffalo Wool!

Helpful listening tip: the recording software works slightly differently for capturing phone conversations… so you may want to turn the volume up a notch once the interview with Tanis begins.

Here’s how it works: Click the ‘play’ button below to listen to the episode in your browser, or right click here and select ‘Save Link As’ to save to your computer to listen to later!

Below the player is an outline and list of links to products/websites/things I chat about during the episode.

Hi! (00:00), Did you know I’m moving? (00:07), Preparing for TNNA (00:44)

My Nelson the Owl Mask

On my hook (03:38), FreshStitches Cow Crochet-a-long (03:53), Buffalo Wool Boot Liners (05:31), Notes on the episode (11:16)

My boot liners

Feature topic (14:16), Not just about knitting! (14:35), Inheriting the love of crochet (15:23), Why choose local? (17:20), The Ravelympics (20:40), Is local gaining momentum? (23:45), The different sizes of local (31:44), Research for the book (34:03), The advantage of small (39:06), Ravelry and substituting yarn (44:11)

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Aug 7, 2012 | Posted by in Crochet Chat Podcast | 7 comments

Comments (7 Responses)

  1. Julie (Tanknit) says:

    This was fun! I so enjoyed your Podcast today.

  2. Hallie says:

    First, I just want to say that I love your podcast! I was wondering when this episode is going to be uploaded to iTunes. Only the first 6 episodes are there now.

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks, Hallie!
      itunes grabs my newest episode from a feed… so it usually takes less than a day. Fingers crossed!

  3. Amy says:

    Once again I enjoyed the podcast. I hope you find time to keep producing them despite your move. Btw, I think you’ll love Ithaca. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I went to college there. It’s beautiful. The state parks in the area are fabulous – tons of waterfalls. I don’t know what’s happening in the art/craft scene there these days, but I’m sure there’s lots of interesting stuff. You will probably also need your boot liners there unless next winter is unusually mild like this past one. I remember having frost bitten toes after a field trip. And you must eat at the Moosewood Restaurant! Yum! I’m jealous!

  4. Susan says:

    I am so stoked about the buffalo yarn. My husband LOVES buffalo, and I already bought a skein so I can surprise him with a hat for his bday or Christmas. Ron at the Buffalo Yarn Company was great to work with through the order process!

The shop is on vacation for the summer! Come back in September for a full restock!