Crochet Chat Podcast: Laurie Wheeler from the Crochet Liberation Front!

I’m very excited to have Laurie Wheeler, fearless leader of the Crochet Liberation Front and mastermind behind the new crochet social networking site, Hookey. What an honor!

You’ll want to hear her chat about crochet and all the fabulous things she’s up to!!

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Aug 15, 2012 | Posted by in Crochet Chat Podcast | 8 comments

Comments (8 Responses)

  1. Patty (aka grannypatty) says:

    So inspiring. Several years ago while visiting a dear friend at her knitting & crochet group (ok she & I were the only crocheters) I struggled with a pattern. A vendor who was at the retreat stopped by & we chatted. She was the first to tell me we all have an ‘inner artist’ and that I didn’t have to follow the pattern exactly as written. Her words came back to me while listening to Laurie & Stacey visit. Thank you.

  2. mary says:

    Please enter into crochet hook contest. I do not fscrbook or twitter or any other texting I just crochet lots and lots!

    Mary Oregon city oregon

  3. Amy says:

    Loved this episode. I feel honored to have actually been present in Jimbo’s cabin at the CLF retreat where Monica was carving her hooks. It was so fun. My husband and I have both taken Jimbo’s hook whittling class. He is an awesome teacher. What a talent it is to be able to guide others in finding their own niche and making their creativity bloom.

    I also love Laurie’s philosophy of cooperation rather than competition. I’ve been a member of CLF 3.0 for months but haven’t been active. I’m inspired to get myself over there and get going. Maybe this dream that’s been lurking in the depths of my brain might actually spring to life.

  4. Rae Haller says:

    Stacey, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your podcasts. Today I listened to this latest one. I did not know a thing about CLF, or But I certainly will be checking them out. I love that you bring knowledge of crochet things we may not know of, or know little about, to our attention. I also enjoyed hearing about the books Laurie had written and read, and those you had read as well. I found your site about 4 or 5 weeks ago, but did not listen to the podcasts then. Yesterday, I decided it was time I did that, and listened to them straight through, and finished them today. Wow, they are really good, and great to do while crocheting! I had to retire from teaching elementary school after 34 yrs., and now crochet is a main part of my days. Crochet and readiisherwood how I spend my days. I love it, and have really loved finding you online. When did you begin your blog? I would like to begin reading them from the first one. Is there a way I can hop there without having to read them backwards? You are such a sweet person to bring us all these venues of crochet. Your blog, patterns, podcasts, everything is so wonderful, I just hate when I have completed them, and want more. ; ). Thanks for all you do. Rae

    • Stacey says:

      Hey Rae-
      Oh dear… I don’t know if you want to begin reading my blog from the start… I had some pretty poor-looking photos up, then :)
      Unfortunately, there’s no great way to go to the earlier ones, except clicking on ‘blog’, then ‘older entries’… they go about 10 posts at a time.

      So happy to read your lovely comments :)

  5. I listened to this podcast and it gave me so much fodder from which to write. I mention your interview on my blog. Please check it out at I linked the page back to here. Hope you like it.

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