Crochet Chat Podcast: Interview with The Sexy Knitter!

Thank you so much for stopping by! This podcast episode was originally published July 18, 2012 and I have since stopped producing new episodes of the Crochet Chat Podcast. However, these episodes have fabulous content, so I’m gradually re-releasing them so that we can keep enjoying them!

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The Episode

Alright! Now we’ve officially returned to our regular schedule!

This week, I’ve got a great episode for you… Sarah Wilson (aka. The Sexy Knitter) will be on! Sarah both knits and crochets, and I adore her mission to encourage all women to feel confident in their own skin! Besides, Sarah’s lots of fun, so I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

Helpful listening tip: the recording software works slightly differently for capturing phone conversations… so you may want to turn the volume up a notch once the interview with Sarah begins.

Here’s how it works: Click the ‘play’ button below to listen to the episode in your browser, or right click here and select ‘Save Link As’ to save to your computer to listen to later!

Hi! (00:00), What’s new in Stacey world? A CSA! (01:08), Some travel adventures (04:07), What Stacey’s working on (7:53)

Feature topic (9:47), How Sarah’s crafty got started (10:20), Sarah’s message (16:15), Rockin’ your style (23:15), Tool Tins! (47:13)

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  1. Amy says:

    Your mention of Hershey Park brought back memories. The first time I went to Hershey, they still gave tours of the actual chocolate factory. I loved the machine that squirted out the kisses.

    I have relatives in Syracuse. I’ll have to ask them for tips on things to do there the next time you have a yen for Dinosaur barbecue. If you like museums of various sorts, there’s the Everson Art Museum and the Erie Canal Museum.

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