Crochet Chat Podcast: Interview with Lion Brand Yarn!

At this very moment, I’m actually over the Pacific Ocean (flying to Australia), but I’ve lined up an amazing interview for you: Jack, the VP of Lion Brand Yarns.

It’s impossible to discuss the happenings of this week without talking about the tragedy at Newtown. I take a few minutes at the start of the episode to talk about how you can help by donating crocheted stuffed animals to the children at the school.

In the interview, Jack talks about the history of Lion Brand Yarns, their mission and inspiration for their cutting-edge endeavors, such as the studio store.

It’s a fabulous chat, so have a listen!

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Help children in Newtown

Click here to read about how to donate amigurumi to the children of Newtown, CT. New information will be added as it becomes available.

Find Lion Brand!

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  1. Such a touching opening Stacey. Wonderful to hear a personal emotion – very very very sad in these circumstances but wonderful to hear of the good coming from such a rough time.

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