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Crochet Chat Podcast: Indie Yarn Dyer- Space Cadet Creations

Is it June already? Welcome to a new Crochet Chat episode!

This week is a fabulous week for the podcast… I’m featuring some yummy handmade items that will fuel your crochet fire. Of course, we all know that as crocheters, we’re making beautiful pieces of art. But what about using a hand-carved hook? And what goes into hand-dyeing yarn?

To shed light on how Indie Dyers make the fabulous yarn that they do, Stephanie from Space Cadet Creations is joining the podcast! She’s a tremendously delightful ball of energy, and in addition to great stories, she has lots of info on how to select the perfect yarn for your crochet project. Yay!

Helpful listening tip: the recording software works slightly differently for capturing phone conversations… so you may want to turn the volume up a notch once the interview with Stephanie begins.

The Episode

Here’s how it works: Below, you’ll see the player that allows you to play the episode. Or you can Download this episode (right click and save) to listen to it on the go. If you’re an itunes user, you can also grab the episode on itunes.

Below the player is an outline and list of links to products/websites/things I chat about during the episode.

Hi! (and theme for the show) (00:00), Hand-carved Crochet Hooks from Craftwich(02:22)

On my hook (06:50), Selecting a pattern (07:36), Notes on the episode (08:23)

Feature topic (8:48), How it all got started (tales of Britain and chatting about accents) (10:11), Color inspiration (and Synesthesia) (24:48), The dyeing process (35:47), How hand-dyes work up (39:18), A word on dye-lots (52:28), Yarn clubs and mini-skeins (1:00:50)

Please leave comments!

I want the Crochet Chat Podcast to focus on issues and items that you’re interested in… so talk to me about it! Please leave any suggestions, comments or ideas in the comments section of this blog post. I read them all!

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4 Responses to “Crochet Chat Podcast: Indie Yarn Dyer- Space Cadet Creations”

  1. Grace says:

    Loved listening to the podcast with the Space Cadet…it was delightful listening and also very informative. Thank you!

  2. this was such a great episode! i loved hearing about space cadet and how Stephanie dyes! made me wish her yarn club subscription was open now… i want to join! (i think i’ll be asking for a sub for my anniversary since the sub opens again in sept!)

  3. Victoria says:

    I’m 100% with SpaceCadet from Stephanie with the diluted British accent thing – and ordering water. A friend of mine would say “H2O” because no one could understand our British version of “water” lol!!

    It’s fun to play “guess the accent” with people. Someone thought I sounded Bostonian… uh huh…!

    Fantastic podcast and a really lovely interview :)

  4. yvonne says:

    just finished listening to this podcast! really great and informative! I need to join the mini skein club! thanks for a great podcast!

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