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Child-safe Crochet Amigurumi Eyes


Many amigurumi patterns use ‘safety’ animal eyes. These eyes are called safety eyes, because they have a post on the back of the eye, and a washer which snaps on very securely, such that it’s nearly impossible to remove. These eyes are great to use, because they come in lots of colors, and many people love the look of the finished product.

However, these eyes are not recommended for use on toys that are intended for children below the age of three. If the eye were to become dislodged (for example, slip through the crochet fabric), they would be a choking hazard.

Two child-safe options that have been used by others are: cutting out felt eyes and sewing them to the crochet fabric, and embroidering eyes on with yarn. These are good options for small amigurumi, but when you’ve crocheted a 7″ cuddly, snuggly teddy bear, a little felt eye just isn’t the right look. So, do what I do… I crochet eyes, and then attach them to the head just like I attach other crocheted body parts.

Pattern for child-safe crocheted eyes

* Size H crochet hook (or size used for animal)
* A few yards of black yarn
* A few yards of white yarn

Crochet through both loops. Make 2.
With black, ch 2.
Round 1: sc 6 times into 2nd ch from hook. (6)
Round 2: With white, sc twice into each st. (12)
Fasten off.
For small animals, you can make smaller eyes by fastening off after round 1.

With this substitution, you can have great child-safe stuffed animals! Yay!

Want even more details?

Check out this blog post for step-by-step information about how to attach the crocheted eyes neatly to your animal!

Guess what? Crocheting stuffed animals is easy! If you can single crochet, then you can make an adorable animal… don’t let pattern-reading scare you!

Download my free e-book:The Beginner’s Guide to Amigurumi! I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to crochet an adorable penguin… you’ll be ‘hooked’ in no time!

5 Responses to “Child-safe Crochet Amigurumi Eyes”

  1. diana says:

    great tip! I’m making a stuffed bunny and didn’t want to attach plastic eyes or buttons. this is the perfect solution, as well as being super easy! thanks!

  2. Diana says:

    I have crocheted all the parts for my teddy bear but am having a difficult time hand-sewing all the parts together. Especially the head to the body! Any tips for a beginner?

  3. Nancy says:

    I have been trying to make the crocheted eyes and so far they just look strange!
    In the picture it looks like the black just sits atop the white and when I try to follow the directions I wind up with what looks like a black star in a circle of white – how about a video for the eyes – I’ve been crocheting for 50+ years and this has me beat.

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