Free Beginner’s Guide to Amigurumi

free beginner's guide to amigurumi ebook

I designed this free amigurumi e-book just for you!

Get started crocheting, today!

free beginner's guide to amigurumi ebook

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to read a crochet pattern, learn amigurumi tips and techniques and make your own adorable penguin! Yay!

Crochet Penguin Free Pattern Easy

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  1. […] Fresh Stitches by Stacey – contains a great tutorial page and she even has published a free Begginers Guide to Amigurumi  […]

  2. […] I decided to make a penguin as it uses many of the techniques I see in most Amigurumi dolls. I used Stacey’s guide at to begin making my very first Amigurumi penguin. This actually took me a couple […]

  3. Jodi says:

    Thanks so much for the ebook!! It’s amazing! So many techniques I thought were difficult made simple right there. Thank you!

  4. Thank you so very much for “A Beginner’s Guide To Amigurumi”. I have done some of these little cuties from a book my daughter had by Paula Rimoli. My daughter gave birth to our first grand child on Jan. 19, 2013 and I made the Purple Baby Octopus, a monkey and a red apple. I had fun making them then found a pattern for an adorable Polar Bear. The Polar Bear turned out to be the best one I had done. I did not have any pointers to fall back on so at these times I turned to the internet to find the answers. I wished I had come across your guide at the beginning! It has helped me to make better ami’s. Thanks again, Lanie

  5. Ann Osborne says:

    Way back when, I was taught crochet in high-school…many years have past and I am trying to pick it up again. When I saw your website, I was so excited and I am looking forward to learning it all over again !:)


  6. aqilah says:

    thanks for your e-book.. Really helpful for crochet beginners like me.

  7. Emilie Lepoutre says:

    I have been looking for an easy patter for a turtle. I have difficulty sometimes in following patterns and I’m a “Lefty”
    Thank you for your help

    • Stacey says:

      Hi Emilie! You might be interested in this guy! You should do alright with the instructions being a lefty… just keep in mind that you’ll work clockwise where righties work counterclockwise. I don’t think that even comes up too much with the turtle :)

  8. Sue Hatliff says:

    Hi Stacey.
    Thank you so much for sharing the ebook for beginners guide to amigurumi.
    Sue 😊

  9. Debraann says:

    I would like assistance to teach my granddaughter 10y to crochet something simple so she can achieve a positive outcome

  10. Breanna says:

    This e-book is great. I tried your Woodland Animals Amigurumi class over at Craftsy, but found it too difficult at the beginning, so I think I’ll try again now, because I know i can crotchet, I make Amigurumi creatures out of rainbow colored rubber bands, from the rainbow loom company. But anyways, thanks so much, can’t wait to start making these little animals. :)

    • Stacey says:

      So sorry you found my class too difficult… did you know you can reply parts as many times as you want and ask me questions in class?

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