FO Friday: Animals and a ring!

Happy Friday! I’ve been crocheting up a storm… so I’ll show off my finished critters:

I’ve been a crocheting madwoman!

And… I’m very proud: I finished a ring in my metalworking class!


Thanks for stopping by and reading! If you want to see more great finished items… make sure to visit Tami’s Amis blog, the organizer of this great FO Friday theme!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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Feb 17, 2012 | Posted by in Works in Progress | 17 comments

Comments (17 Responses)

  1. love them! especially that little chicken and mosquito! so cute. (although i’m allergic to mosquito bites so i’d be a little leery of that snout! lol) your heart ring is totally awesome too. great job!

  2. Suzanne says:

    You have been busy! Love the look by the back post stitch and that ring is also very cute! Maybe you should make some stitch markers haha.

  3. Allison says:

    Those are all so adorable! The mosquito and the first owl are my favorites!

  4. Mrs Tupelo says:

    I am IN LOVE with the chicken. It turned out beautifully! And the ring is so pretty. You do a great job!

  5. Vanessa says:

    I love the chicken as well!

  6. Cecilia says:

    !!! That owl! Oh my goodness!!
    And the ring looks soo nice ♥

  7. Connie says:

    Your crochet animals are soooo cute!! I especially love the rooster and the mosquito (I think-he is just very cute).

    Congratulations on your first metalworked ring!

  8. Michelle says:

    As always, your little amigurumis are ADORABLE!!! And, metal working class??? COOL! That sounds awesome!

  9. Tink says:

    The ring is brilliant!

  10. Great ring. Very different and cute.

  11. Kathleen says:

    I love all the critters, but especially the chicken, who is awesome—the colours and face and shaping all come together beautifully!

    And I’m so jealous of your metalworking class, especially as you’re clearly taking to it like a duck to water. (…I don’t know if I’ve ever used that phrase before!) The ring is really lovely, so sweet and simple and the mixed metals look great.

  12. Liz says:

    Everything looks great – but I especially love the chicken! She is perfect :) The ring is gorgeous

  13. june says:

    everything is great – Love that ring!!!

  14. MissHSoo says:

    Those owls are ADORABLE! And that ring is so beautiful, I would totally wear that! Great FOF Stacey!

  15. Triona says:

    Gosh, you are prolific! Love the ring especially, and how casually you tossed off “my metalworking class”, heh. You know, cause that’s something we all do, right? I’d LOVE to take a metalworking class… off to do some Googling…

  16. wink says:

    Wow, that ring is awesome! I can’t believe you made that after only such a short time learning :) It’s really stunning – can I order a couple for when I get married? ;)

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