Grab these now… Ultra Rainbow Yarn Bundles!

rainbow yarn bundle from FreshStitches

I’ve been listening… and you guys love rainbow yarn! In the fall, I shipped out oodles of rainbow yarn bundles, and I can’t keep my Rainbow Magic Balls in stock!

And I know you. You want it all. You want yarn that’s soft as butter, kinda hard to come by, but still a great value. Do I have that right?

No worries. I’ve got you covered!

Rainbow Yarn bundle from FreshStitches

Announcing Ultra Rainbow Yarn Bundles!

I’m calling this bundle ‘ultra’ because it’s 7 amazing colors… in a more luxurious yarn than I offered last time. It’s Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool Worsted, and it’s delicious!

This is one of my favorite yarns… I go to it almost every time I want to make something nice for myself. It’s soft enough to wear up against your skin, and it’s made in the USA! Doesn’t get much better than that! And did I mention that the colors are stunning?

rainbow yarn by FreshStitches

I’ve done my best to snap the best photo I can… but I just have to tell you, the colors are even more awesome in person! The turquoise is even bluer and more beautiful. Trust me.

Many commercial yarns are white yarns that are dyed, so they’re all one color. Not these guys! The colors are blended by spinning together different colors of dyed wool… so you can detect subtle flecks of color in certain colors. Can you see it?

Stonehedge fiber mill shepherd's wool

Oh, so yummy!

I haven’t seen this yarn in a lot of yarn stores (I suspect it’s because this company doesn’t have a booth at the big trade show, so not a lot of folks know about them!)… but I’m just totally in love with it. The skeins are biggies: 250 yards (4 oz)! That’s bigger than your usual 220 yard (3.5 oz) skeins that you typically find.

rainbow yarn bundle from FreshStitches

Great colors, big skeins and super soft… for $14 a skein! I told you I found a great deal!

Now I know. It’s pricier than the yarn you find at JoAnns. I know this yarn isn’t for everyone. But for those of you interested in a high-quality yarn, this is a fabulous yarn at an amazing price.

The bundle contains 7 skeins of yarn (that’s 1750 yards!) and is $98, plus shipping!

(click on the blog post if you’re reading this in your email to see the ‘add to cart’ button) The shopping cart will add the shipping cost to your region (the package weighs over 2 lbs… I know that gets pricey for International folks, but these are actual shipping costs!).

Because this yarn is pricey to stock, I only have a very small number in stock! Edit: Whoa! They sold out by 9:12am! So, I’m making these available for order until Monday, April 27th. I estimate they will ship early/mid May.So if you want to grab this great bundle… order right away!

Are you so excited? I know I am! Keep reading for more details and project suggestions!

Let’s have rainbow fun!

You may recognize these suggestions from my last rainbow bundle offer… they’re still great suggestions!

I’m obsessed with knitting and crocheting rainbows. You might be interested in checking out my Rainbow Knitting and Crochet board on Pinterest… so many ideas!

Rainbow Pinterest board

This yarn bundle has so many possibilities… I’m finding it hard to pick just a few favorites to show you!

Rainbow Granny Square Afghan

Rainbow Granny Square Afghan

The bundle contains 1750 yards of yarn total, which is perfect for a big project like an afghan. Here are a few afghan ideas:

  • A rainbow pattern of granny squares like the Rainbow Granny Square afghan from my book, Modern Baby Crochet
  • One big rainbow granny square, like this one crocheted by BridgetSoup on Ravelry using Lion Brand’s Happy Baby Blanket
  • Lots of multi-colored granny squares like this granny square afghan
  • Granny square stripes like this one from Artic Strawberries
  • A amazing star afghan like this one crocheted by HillyT using Lyn’s Round Ripple Baby Afghan
  • A ripple style afghan like this rainbow knitted afghan made by POF using the Walt Chevron Painted Baby Blanket
  • Rainbow Star Afghan crocheted by HillyT

    Seriously, there are just too many rainbow project ideas. I’d love to do a Log Cabin afghan done in rainbow colors (check out this one for inspiration). And check out this variation on the Wingspan shawl. And this adorable sweater!

    Are you as pumped as I am?

    Rainbow Chevron Afghan by POF

    Of course, you don’t need to do an afghan… you could do any kind of project! But if I started listing my favorite sweater, cowl and hat patterns, my suggestions list would be WAY too long!

    Grab yours now! (and more details)

    I’m just bursting with rainbow happiness, and trust me, you want to order this beautiful yarn bundle! You might not even want to make a rainbow thing… you could just add this fabulous collection to your stash and you’d have yummy yarn to choose from the next time you need to whip up some hats!

    The bundle contains 7 skeins of yarn (Stonehedge Fiber Mill, Shepherd’s Wool Worsted, 100% wool, 4 ozs, 250 yards each): hot pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise and purple. I’ve hand-selected these colors because they’re my faves and they go together amazingly!

    The colors work in a ‘full-circle’… the purple goes nicely with the pink, so you can easily start the rainbow over again in the middle of your project!

    rainbow yarn bundle from freshstitches

    The yarn is not machine washable. So, you’ll want to pick a project that you’re either happy to hand wash or not wash very often (like an afghan! Seriously, how often do you wash an afghan?) They’d also be fabulous for a felting project, like this Rainbow Messenger Bag or Rainbow Ella & the Legume Coat by Noni.

    These will be available until they sell out and I will ship the week of April 27th (because I’ll be teaching at Stitches South this weekend!). Due to the large size of this bundle, I won’t be able to combine shipping with other purchases. (well, more accurately, I can combine the shipping, but because it’s so heavy, you won’t save any money on the shipping cost.)

    The original stock has sold out, but due to popular demand, I’m still taking orders! If you buy now, I estimate the ship time will be early/mid May.

    I’m so excited about this, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your rainbow-y goodness!

    Rainbow Star Afghan FreshStitches

    More coming up!

    You may have noticed that I’m slowly returning from maternity leave… and I’m so excited about my plans for the shop! I want to share with you a few goodies I have coming up!

    If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve spotted a few things that will be in the shop soon. First up, I’ve ordered some new eyes (and some new colors!)

    freshstitches eyes

    I’ll be opening the Eye Shop next week!

    And then… I got this lovely stuff:

    Stonehedge fiber mill crazy

    It’s Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Crazy yarn (yup! Same softness as the stuff I’ve been talking about), but it’s amazing and crazy self-striping… and every skein is different! I’m knitting a shawl with a couple of skeins now so you can see how great it is, and then I’ll list it!

    Yay! So much awesomeness coming up! Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter (enter your email address in the sidebar) so you can be the first to know about this great stuff!

How to Dye a Gradient Yarn using a Spray Bottle

Remember when I told you how to dye a gradient yarn with a sock blank? Well, today I’m going to go a step further and show you how to get an even more gentle gradient using a spray bottle.

When I made this skein of yarn, I was feeling Easter-y, so I picked yellow, blue and pink:

wilton dye for dyeing yarn

Click this post to see what the Wilton Icing Colors look like on yarn.

wilton colors 2

Okay, now here’s the technique: I rolled out my sock blank and dunked each end and the center in one color, leaving a lot of white space in between. See?

dyeing a gradient yarn tutorial

Ignore my ugly cooking sheet in the background. Actually, don’t ignore it (it’s crucial for keeping your counters clean in this project!)… just pretend it’s prettier!

Now, load up your spray bottle with the dye.

spray bottle 4

You want to use the spray bottle to direct your dye exactly where you want it. With this blue, I’m going to spray more towards the blue dyed portion of the yarn, and then spritz less to blend it into the yellow.

how to dye a gradient yarn

Now wash your bottle really well and repeat with the other two colors. You’ll get a very blended effect!

See how the colors blend? Because the dye is wet when you’re spraying, the blue mixes with the yellow and makes green… it’s an effect that’s hard to get if you’re just dipping the blank in dye.

dyeing a gradient yarn

I let it dry, and then wound it on a niddy noddy. Here’s the hank:

skein of yarn dyed by FreshStitches

The gradient-ness doesn’t show up too well in a hank. But no worries, I’ll show you what I’m knitting. Here’s a little shawl I’m working on:

shawl knit and dyed by FreshStitches

Isn’t the gradient fantastic? I can’t wait to wear this one!

Is the Invisible Decrease right for you?

What is the Invisible Decrease?

If you crochet amigurumi, you have probably heard of the Invisible Decrease. The Invisible Decrease is another name for slip stitching 2 together through the front loop.

The result is a decrease that is thinner (and less bumpy) than a regular decrease.

Is it right for you?

I often get asked if I recommend the Invisible Decrease. And my answer is, “it depends”.

The Invisible Decrease is designed to reduce the thickness in fabric when you’re crocheting through both loops.

As you may know, I prefer crocheting through the back loop only. This creates a less-dense fabric than crocheting through both loops.

Crocheting through the back loop

When you crochet through the back loop, the ‘extra bulk’ of the decrease isn’t a problem! You should happily do your normal decrease!

single crochet 2 together from FreshStitches


If you’re still looking to cut down on bulk while crocheting through the back loop, you can slip stitch 2 together as your decrease, but just don’t do it through the front loop.

Just be aware that because the Sl St2tog is ‘smaller’ than a normal Sc2tog, this could change the appearance of your final piece if your decreases are stacked.

Crochet Ripple Afghan

Have I shown you the beautiful afghan that my mom made Maddie?

orange and aqua crochet ripple afghan freshstitches

I just love it! It’s in my favorite colors!

freshstitches chevron afghan

She used Knit Picks (either Brava or Comfy Worsted… I can’t tell because it looks like the aqua color has been discontinued!) and a size I hook. I bought her a Caspian Crochet hook (because she was wearing the paint off of her aluminum hook) and she loved it!

freshstitches aqua and orange afghan

My mom doesn’t read crochet patterns (yes, I fully appreciate the irony in that- given that my job is to teach people to read crochet patterns!), but the stitch she used is very similar to the classic back loop ripple stitch.

There are lots more inspirational chevron photos on my Crochet Afghan Pinterest board… so many color combinations you can do with this stitch to get a great blanket!

How to Count the Number of Stitches in a Round (crochet)

When you crochet in the round, it can be tricky to count your stitches. But counting is important to make sure that you’re on track for following your pattern.

Today, I’ll show you how to count your stitches!

The loop on the hook doesn’t count!

Here’s a photo of my work:

crocheted circle counting tutorial

Do you see the loop that’s on my hook? (I’ll be highlighting all the stitches I’m chatting about in dark blue):

does not count

This loop does not count as a stitch! This might come as a surprise, especially if you’re a knitter.

Look for the ‘V’s

So what does count? You want to look for the ‘V’s. I like to start at the hook and work my way around. Here, I’ve highlighted the first V:


Let’s do another:


Now it’s your turn. Have a look at this picture and count the Vs:

crocheted circle counting tutorial

Keep counting until you’ve finished the round. If a stitch has been ‘stitched into’, that means it’s part of the previous round, so don’t count it!

How many did you get?

Did you find 12?